Butler Family

Who We Are

We are the Butlers, Daniel and Rebecca and our two sons Grayson and Oliver.  


Daniel was born in Muenster, IN while his parents were attending Hyles Anderson College.  After graduating, Daniel’s father started a church in Texas, helped in another two churches as assistant pastors both in Texas and New Mexico, then pastored a church in New Mexico.  Daniel received Christ as his Savior at the age of five when his father explained to him that he had done wrong, and some day he would go to hell for that wrong. Daniel’s family moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Parkside Baptist Church.  It was here where the Lord started working on Daniels heart to be a missionary to Brazil at the age of sixteen.  


Rebecca was born and raised in Dallas, TX.  Her parents started attending church as bus kids and have been in the same church Rebecca’s whole life.  She received Christ into her heart at the age of sixteen.  After doubting her salvation for a while, Rebecca went to her pastor and in his office bowed her head and received Christ as her Savior.  Rebecca later went to Bible College and graduated with a associates degree in secretarial studies.


In May of 2017, Daniel graduated from Lone Star Baptist College with his Bachelors in Missions and started deputation September of 2017.  In 2020 Daniel started his medical training with EMS school.  His goal is to continually grow his medical training to be used for God's glory.  This skill, along with his bible college training, will help us conduct medical trips to the Amazon with the main purpose of proclaiming the name of Jesus where He is not heard.


We as missionaries are sent out from our home church, Parkside Baptist in Mesquite, TX.   Our goal is to go unto the unreached amazon with medical supplies and Bibles.  We are currently working with other missionaries with a goal to start our own amazon outreach ministry.  Please Pray for us as we try to make contact with new villages, and provide medical and spiritual aid to all who need it.

Information Packet

Butlers to Brazil

Download our PDF printable information packet that tells you more about our family and our ministry.**We are currently working to update our information packet.  Any questions about our ministry please contact me directly.