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Amazon Med-Evangelism

We are currently working with the BIMI Amazon Connect Team as we travel to the remote regions of the Amazon basin with a team of volunteer medical personnel and evangelists. The provision of medical care is a key which opens the door in areas otherwise left closed to the Gospel message, making possible a church plant. 

The Place of the greatest need is often the most
difficult to access. Amazon’s Vale do Javari holds
the largest concentration of uncontacted people
anywhere on earth. We will travel by boat up the
Amazon River and other tributaries, evangelizing
villages in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.  

The People in the Vale do Javari are made up of
three groups: the local fishing villages, the
indigenous tribes, and uncontacted tribes. We will focus our work among the fishing villages or ribeirinhos, where Portuguese and Spanish are the predominate languages.

The Purpose of our Med-evangelism Team is to work with our national pastors to evangelize villages where they are presently working as well as to open new areas in which they seek to plant new churches.                                                                                                             The Amazon is one of the least evangelized regions of Latin                                                                                             America. Our team will be involved in organized evangelism                                                                                           and treating people clinically through the mobile med clinics.

                                                                                      I will be utilizing my Bible College training and EMS                                                                                                         certification to help aid in these trips, reaching the Amazon                                                                                           people.  Through your sacrificial support,  we are able to fund                                                                                       these trips covering travel expenses to the Amazon, as well as                                                                                         our expenses while there.  We are also able to purchase and                                                                                             receive donated supplies and goods including medical supplies and care packages.  If you have any questions about our family or ministry please do not hesitate to reach out.  It is through your sacrificial giving and prayers that we are able to take the Word of God to people in need.


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