We took our last trip at the end of July and we were wanting to take one every three months. However, some areas of the Amazon are currently requiring a vaccine to enter.  After praying and discussing the decision with my family and counselors, I have decided not to enter certain regions that currently require a vaccine. While it breaks my heart, I do believe this is the best decision for my family. We will continue to serve here in the states and are praying for a day we can travel again without any COVID restrictions. 


Because of this, I am reaching out to all our supporting churches and individuals, asking them to stop sending financial support. While we are extremely grateful for what all the churches are doing for us, we know the money can go towards missionaries currently in their field serving. Our sending church is wanting to keep us supported,  with the minimal trips we are taking, we should be covered for the trips we do take.  All the funds we already have will stay reserved for our trips.


As we take the trips, we will notify churches, to give them an opportunity to make a one time donation if they feel led to. We are already collecting supplies for our next trip. I want to thank you for all you do for the cause of Christ and for my family and our ministry. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 


COVID is still a battle for our ministry.  We recently took a trip to the Amazon and we were very limited in where we could go due to COVID.  The airports entering in the areas we go through are often closed.  Paper work and strict rules for travel prove to be burdensome.  We know the Lord is in it all and we are doing our best to work around COVID in a safe and ethical way.  We are praying for a day again where negative test results, mandatory vaccines, and restricted areas will not be a challenge for our ministry.  Until then we seek knowledge from the Lord on how He wants His ministry ran.  


This past year was definitely a challenging one.  Many of our meetings were canceled, our income was cut in half, and we were unsure of God's plans for our future and ministry.  During this time we sought counsel, prayed, and asked what God would have for us with Covid.  We found him re-directing our path and calling us into a medical-evangelist route.  Daniel enrolled in school and is now working towards receiving a paramedic license.  With this medical training, along with his Bible training, he will be able to reach the forgotten people of the Amazon. Providing for both their physical and spiritual needs.  

Through this ministry restructure, we will be able to be based stateside, working jobs in the US so our support can fully go to our Amazon trips.  We will be taking four trips a year into the Amazon with Bibles and medicine.  We are currently waiting for the borders to open up so we can start traveling again.  We appreciate your prayers and faithfulness for us and our family.


We are currently based out in East Texas, where we have been provided with free living accommodations.  We are doing our best to schedule meetings and fill up our calendar for the rest of 2020 and 2021.  Our original goal was to move to Brazil in October, but with many of our old meetings still needing to be rescheduled we find ourselves in a game of uncertainty .

Our prayer right now is that we can still move to Brazil by the beginning of 2021.  For this to happen we ask your prayer in a few things.  First, for the churches we have presented at before and during the pandemic to financially be ale to join us in our missions endeavors.  Second, for us to be able to continue presenting our ministry work with churches and be able to reschedule all the meetings we had to cancel during the pandemic. And lastly, for the Brazil government to open up the visas we need to be allowed into Brazil.

We know that ultimately God is in control and we trust His plan.  We also understand He wants us to pray for these matters and do our best to get where we need to be.  Thank you for your prayers and support during these uncertain times.  If you ever have questions about our ministry work during the pandemic please don't hesitate to contact us.  God Bless


As we  enter into a new month, we are grateful for the safety and blessings the Lord has given our family.  Like many of you, we have been in quarantine for about a month now based on the suggestions of the White House.  


We have a few meetings in the month of May in North Carolina and Texas.  As the dates draw closer to these meetings, I have already had a few churches contact us and reschedule.  Many churches are still not back to their regular services, and the others are trying to get off the ground again.  We understand and respect the decision of every church during this time​.

As for our family, we will begin attending meetings that will still have us.  We will practice social distancing as best as possible and will refrain from placing our children in the nursery for the time being.  While our hearts are in Brazil and we are eager to get there, we are taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our family. 


We are doing our best to honor our authorities, stay healthy, and continue to serve Christ through it all.  We appreciate your prayers and continued support.  Our next prayer letter will go out at the beginning of June.  We look forward to updating you on our ministry and adjusted goal for getting to the field.


We hope that you are doing well during this confusing and scary time. We are actively monitoring the virus situation around the country and in the Dallas-Metro area in particular, our home town. The Dallas County Health Officials have issued restrictions regarding public gatherings. These restrictions limit the number of attendees to no more than 50 people. Our President has suggested that there be no gatherings of more than 10 people.  While traveling we have had a couple meetings cancelled because of these precautions set by the government. 


  We have prayed about our situation and have decided to cancel all meetings for the month of April.  During this time, we will be self-quarantining ourselves with Rebecca’s family at their home there in Texas.  Daniel will be using that time to contact churches and line up new meetings.  We are praying that we do not have to cancel any meetings for the month of May; however, we are prepared for the worst and understand God is always in control.  We were also planning on setting a date for departure based on our lined-up meetings.  We have decided to put that on hold until things go back to normal.  


  Please understand that these drastic measures are meant for the health and safety of our family and the general public. We look forward to resuming our deputation as soon as possible.  If you have any questions please contact us via email or phone. We are grateful for all our supporting churches, friends, and family during this time.  We will keep you all in our prayers as we battle through this difficult time together.


  Therefore, as we continue serving, we will exercise wisdom and discernment in our approach, and we will recall God’s Word to us: “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” (Philippians 4:6)



The Butler Family