Ministry Update

Jan - March  2021



Dear Fellow Laborers, 


            In our last prayer letter, we announced a shift in our ministry work that has us being stationed stateside.  The Lord had closed some doors and opened others that ended with this decision.  We are excited about the opportunities Christ gives us to serve Him, and we look forward to sharing them all with you, our friends and supporters.


            When we announced our ministry shift we were excited to follow God’s will for our life, but we were prepared for the possibility of churches dropping our support.  While we did have a couple that did not feel led to follow us in our new ministry, we understood they made the choice based not on emotion but on love for their church and missionaries. We are grateful for all they have done for us. I did, however, have many pastors and supporters reach out to me and tell me they are excited for our family and ministry and will continue to partner with us.  During this time, I also had a few churches contact me and tell me they look forward to seeing how God can use our new ministry.  To the glory of God, we now have three new supporting churches that have joined us in our ministry to store up fruit for their account.  What a blessing it is to be a part of a family in Christ that is loving and eager to see the Gospel given out.  If you have not yet read our last prayer letter, please take the time to do so as we explain the new direction the Lord is taking our ministry.


            COVID time is still among us, unfortunately, and it is still impacting our mission work.  As of right now we have a goal of taking four trips a year out to the Amazon with endless possibilities of outreach to follow.  Because of all the shutdowns, we are currently unable to enter into South America.  When going into the Amazon we land in Leticia, Columbia and take a boat on the Amazon River to get into the villages along the basin.  Right now, Leticia’s airport is shut down and not allowing anyone to enter.  We have a trip planned for the summer of this year and it all hangs on if we are allowed to enter into South America. Please continue to pray for places to start opening up both stateside and overseas.  We have many Pastor friends here and missionary friends both here and overseas that are not able to serve God to the capacity they would like due to government interference due to this virus. As COVID lets up we will be able to start going more frequently.


            As we mentioned in our last prayer letter, we have jobs stateside so our support can go towards our mission work.  Running a medical outreach can become expensive and we couldn’t do it without the support of friends, family, and churches.  We are trying to purchase the proper equipment that we can take with us overseas to help our trips run more smoothly as well as buy supplies to leave with pastors there so we don’t have to fly back and forth with them.  While we don’t have an official list yet, we are needing to buy waterproof bags and totes to transfer bibles and medical supplies, tents, beds, and chairs for the clinics, and money to pay for boat repairs and rentals, among other things. Please understand the importance of your support and continuance to give.  We look forward to sharing with you our work as soon as the borders open up again.


            As far as our family goes, Daniel is about a month away from receiving his certification as an EMT.  He will continue studying to earn his paramedic license and then bridging it to a registered nurse.  Please keep his schooling in prayer as he tries to prepare himself for the physical and spiritual needs of the forgotten Amazon people. Rebecca is excited to be starting a ministry in our sending church that focuses on loving and supporting others who are serving in the ministry.  Many times, missionaries and pastors can become discouraged while serving alone with their families.  Rebecca’s ministry will operate under our sending church alongside volunteer church members. They will be able to write letters and send care packages to pastors and missionaries to help encourage them during the difficult times. In our church we also have a homeless ministry where we take a church bus into the heart of Dallas and hold church services.  On average we are able to see two to three homeless individuals saved a week.  This past week for Easter the homeless ministry was able to see eight people attend the bus service with three saved! Daniel was able to participate in this ministry and we are talking with our homeless ministry coordinator about how we can supply physical help to the homeless much like we would in the Amazon.  We would be able to use a lot of our gear purchased for overseas work and ensure that all year long your investments can help further the Gospel.   This would allow us to continue our medical and spiritual outreach both in Jerusalem and into the utter most parts of the world.


            We are grateful for the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters for the furtherance of the Gospel.  We are humbled by your love for our family and ministry and we are grateful for all you do.  Please continue to keep our world in prayer as many struggle to fully operate their ministries.  Thank you for your continued sacrificial support, none of this can be done without the love from our supporters.



With Grateful Hearts,

The Butler Family

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