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Ministry Update

March 2022

We took our last trip at the end of July and we were wanting to take one every three months. However, a few factors have been hindering this to happen. The river in the Amazon is too low to travel during certain times of the year and second, some areas of the Amazon are currently requiring a vaccine to enter.  While we are praying these issues will be resolved in the future, it is an issue we will be facing for the next six months or so.  COVID has taught us that we can never be sure how long any of these restrictions will last.


After praying and discussing the decision with my family and counselors, I have decided not to enter certain regions that currently require a vaccine. This will cut our trips down to possibly one to two trips a year. While it breaks my heart, I do believe this is the best decision for my family. We will continue to serve here in the states and are praying for a day we can travel again without any COVID restrictions. 


Because of this, I am reaching out to all our supporting churches and individuals, asking them to stop sending financial support. While we are extremely grateful for what all the churches are doing for us, we know the money can go towards missionaries currently in their field serving. Our sending church is wanting to keep us supported,  with the minimal trips we are taking, we should be covered for the trips we do take.  All the funds we already have will stay reserved for our trips.


As we take the trips, we will notify churches, to give them an opportunity to make a one time donation if they feel led to. We are already collecting supplies for our next trip. I want to thank you for all you do for the cause of Christ and for my family and our ministry. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 

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