Update From the Road

April - May 2020

Dear Fellow Labours,

           The times we are currently in are definitely unique and challenging for many of us.  We understand many of you have been struggling during this time and you are in our family’s prayers.  We are thankful for the churches who have continued to support us during times where they might have been challenged financially.  Your sacrifice for our ministry is noted and greatly appreciated. 


            During the month of April, we were confined to quarantine and had all our meetings rescheduled or canceled during this month.  It was our first fully impacted month of deputation due to COVID-19.  During this time many churches, including our sending church, went to live streaming only.  We went to east Texas to stay with Rebecca’s family during this time.  Most of May was just like April for us.  We had a few meetings canceled, and the only meetings we were able to hold onto were those located in Texas.  We presented a couple of times at the end of May, but even as some states are re-opening, we don’t know when our old meetings will be able to reschedule us.  I also had the privilege of preaching in my home church while our Pastor was recovering from double pneumonia. He is doing much better now, praise the Lord.


            In March, before everything started closing down, our goal was to leave this fall for Brazil.  We were at 65% of our needed support and we were beginning the steps of setting a move date by May.  In light of everything happening, we had to postpone our set date.  Our support hasn’t changed since March, we have only been able to attend a handful of meetings, and Brazil has suspended the travel visas we would need for the time being.  We understand the Lord is in control. We don’t say these things in discontentment, but rather to ask you to pray for our family and our ministry.  Our hearts are in Brazil, and we are eager to get there.


            Some blessings during this time.  We have seen people around us contract the COVID-19, but our family has remained healthy so far.  Our son Grayson had a neurologist appointment concerning his seizures.  After talking with the doctor, they assured us it’s nothing traumatic, and it should pass. During this time of quarantine, we were able to spend time with our families as well as be there when Rebecca’s sister had her first baby.


            We thank you for your prayers for our family as well as your sacrificial support.  Our goal right now is to be able to resume deputation soon and move to Brazil.  Please pray our canceled meetings are rescheduled and the ones we have presented at will be able to join us in our ministry work.


The Butler Family

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