Ministry Update

April - June 2021

Math 14:14 “And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.”


Dear Fellow Laborers, 


            Thank you again for your love and support throughout this crazy time of COVID and transition. I am always humbled by your love for our family and our burden to get the Gospel to the people of Brazil.  I have some exciting updates to share with you on what has happened these past few months and what we have ahead of us.


            I want to first start by saying Daniel is officially a nationally certified EMT.  He started the process in November of 2020, as we were still in lock down, and in May he graduated from his class.  He then became state certified and accepted a position on an ambulance in the Dallas area.  As mentioned in previous letters, both Daniel and Rebecca are working jobs to ensure that the support received by our churches can go towards funding our medical trips and help purchase any evangelistic items and medical supplies we might need.  With Daniel working stateside as an EMT he will not only be able set aside all support money for our ministry but he can also continue to practice and grow his medical knowledge.  Daniel’s goals are to continue through the EMS educational route to receive a license in nursing.  This license will be a huge benefit to help guide and aid with the medical missions that we are currently involved in.  We plan to take four trips a year and continue to pray about how the Lord will extend this new ministry.


            As mentioned before, our missions’ goal is to use medicine to reach into places we otherwise would not be allowed into, to give the Gospel.  We are currently working with a group who is able to take two medical trips in the Amazon.  Our goal is to work alongside them, gain insight and eventually start our own medical outreaches in the Amazon.  Through the medical outreach ministry that we are working with, they have been able to get into 56 villages, treat 4,346 people, see 493 professions of faith, and have 7 church plants.  God is truly using this form of outreach to get into places we otherwise would not have been welcomed. He is opening the hearts of the people and revealing Himself to a lost and hurting people.  In Mathew 14 Jesus saw the hurting and sick, and even though He came to seek and to save, the Bible said He had compassion on them, and healed them.  Since we have announced our new approach we have had many people reach out to us with questions and excitement.  I want to express with my full heart that what we are doing is not to be taken lightly.  Through our work we will be able to connect health care providers and preachers like myself with the lost and hurting.  I am honored the Lord is allowing our family to serve in this capacity and I encourage you to watch our amazon video or even take a trip and see for yourself.  I promise that your eye will affect your heart, and when you see the need, you will find yourself in a similar position as Jesus was.  When I started raising my support I didn’t plan to help heal, but to seek and save.  But when my eyes saw the people hurting, I knew I could do more.


            We are excited to announce that the airport that we fly into to land into the Amazon has been opened and we are clear to take our first medical trip since our new ministry has been placed in our hearts and since COVID has started.  Some aspects of our trip are still limited as we are not able to travel into parts of Peru like the past, but we are still able to get into Columbia and Brazil.  On this trip we are bringing along a missionary evangelist sent out of our home church.  He will be trying to determine if he can incorporate a medical outreach like this one in other parts of the world to help open doors.  I am excited to share with him the endless possibilities.  As Jesus traveled, crowds of people would find Him and seek out healing.  Through that healing, they understood and believed in the name of Jesus.  As we travel, we have the same mission, to heal and to point them to the one true God.  If you would like to participate in our medical trips or if you would like to help by donating supplies, please see our website for more information or contact me.  Our funds have gone down some through COVID and the cost of supplies can get expensive, any help is always a blessing.  If we get too much donated for this trip, they will be saved for the next one, and that’s a problem I would love to have.


            I am overwhelmed with emotions as we finally get to head back to Brazil since COVID.  Please pray everything goes smoothly.  Please pray for the medical professionals as they do their best to help the people with their sickness.  Please pray for the preachers and soulwinners as they try to point the lost to the name of Christ.  And please never stop praying for our country, that we can be a shining light for Christ in a darkening world.  Surely the time of God’s returning his drawing nigh.  All we can do is ask God for one more soul to be saved, and keep that prayer as we continue to serve Him day by day.  I look forward to updating you in our next prayer letter on how our trip went.  Until then…



The Butler Family

Missionaries to Brazil

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