Update From the Road

August - September 2020

Dear Fellow Labours,

I am thankful for the faithfulness in prayer and support during these past two months.  I’m sure your tired of hearing the words pandemic or COVID as much as I am in typing them, but as we send out this letter we still see our lives impacted by COVID at this time.  Our goal through our letters is to update our supporting churches, pastors, and friends on our ministry work as well as any prayer requests we may have.  These past two months have been slow moving for our family as we continue to try and schedule, reschedule, and present at churches.


We started the month of August in Oklahoma at a missions conference.  During our time there, we were able to participate in a church organized soul winning time.  As we travel we are always trying to be a witness, but being part of a church organized soul winning time is something special that we truly enjoy.  We ended August up in North Carolina presenting at a couple churches.  In September, we made our way back to Texas where we were able to visit a few churches as well as present at another missions conference.  While meetings have started to pick up, we find our schedules still very bare.  We still have about a month’s worth of meetings that are awaiting a rescheduled date. We also hope to hear back from some churches that we presented at before the pandemic started.  


We understand many churches and individuals are struggling during this time, so I want to say thank you to those who are able to support our family.  As I write this, I think of the story of Elijah who was fed by the ravens at one time, and then by a widow another time.  During this pandemic, we have seen God’s hand of protection over our family as He has provided for us much like the prophet, Elijah.  As some supporters were unable to give at certain times, we have seen families reach out and send love gifts to us that made up the difference.  We are always amazed how even when our support income is low one month, that same month a church, family, or individual will reach out to be a blessing to our family in tremendous ways!  As King David wrote in Psalms, His children never have to beg for bread, God always provides.  Thank you to those who sacrifice and give during these difficult times.  Thank you to those who cannot give financially, but are always faithful in prayer and love.  


We rejoice that even now we continue to see churches reopening, rescheduling, and taking us on for support.  These past two months we have seen three churches take us on for monthly support with a fourth church promising to take us on in the new year. These four churches taking us on is more than we have had the last six months during this pandemic.   We are starting to see the end of this chaos, and we are anxious to start full time deputation again and get to our home of Brazil soon.  Till then, we are based in east Texas with free lodging, continuing to line up meetings, and present at as many churches that would allow us to come. Thank you for all you do.  If you ever have questions about our ministry or family please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


With thankfulness and love,

The Butler Family

Missionaries to Brazil






A place to live for free during these times of no travel. 


Because of our slow traveling, we were able to attend Daniel’s younger brother’s wedding


Prayer Request:


New meetings to start opening up 


Brazil to allow visa applications 


Past churches we have presented to be able to financially support us 


Our vehicle to remain working 


Our family’s safety while traveling

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