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Ministry Update

July- September 2021

Math 14:14 “And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.”


Dear Fellow Laborers, 


            I want to start by thanking you for your support, donations, and love offerings for our recent medical trip.  God’s hand of protection and His blessings were truly over the trip as we went out to give the Gospel.  Everything we report on, and all we are able to do is to the Glory of God and to the fruits of your labor.


            We originally were trying to take our trip to the Amazon in May; however, the only airport into that area was shut down due to COVID.  The trip was pushed to July and we started praying for the Lord to open a door.  As the date drew closer, the airport announced they will be opening up and our team could enter the Amazon! This was the first of many blessings the Lord brought on our trip.  While en route, one of our connecting flights was canceled and we had to spend the night in Florida.  This cancelation put our trip a day behind, but also made us miss all of the remaining connecting flights.  We then had to call airports trying to find flights into the amazon, as only one plane flies into the amazon per day.  We had a large team, and we were unsure if we would even be able to get us all to the Amazon.  We were able to get the entire team to South America, and we connected with a missionary family in Colombia, Pastor Putney.  The Putney family opened their home to our team, allowing us to sleep there and even feeding us.  We ended up staying three nights in Colombia trying to find a connecting flight to the Amazon.  While in Colombia we were able to attend Pastor Putney’s church and go soul winning.  We were able to share the Gospel with many people while “stuck” in Colombia.  No doubt the Lord brought our group through Colombia if not just to share the Gospel with a lost soul crying for help.


            Each day while in Colombia, we were able to send off some of our team members to the Amazon as the seats opened up on the flight.  By the fourth day we were able to fly the whole team in.  After all the delays, we had found out that there were some river pirates arrested in the area we were going.  Apparently, they had found out a large group of people would be coming through and they were planning on robbing them.  While we can’t be sure if the group they were talking about was ours, we can say the Lord kept our group safe the entire trip.  So whatever the reason for the delays on our trip, we know God was in it all.  


            When the first group landed in the Amazon, they went straight to work.  We set up our first clinic in a public school across from the church in which we were working. We stayed in the first village for the majority of our trip. In our clinics, we have different stations.  First, when you come in you are greeted, your names taken down, and temperatures checked.  Then you go to the waiting room, where we have an evangelistic them that sings songs and witnesses to the group through lessons and preaching.  Once their name is called, they then go to the triage room where their vitals are taken and questions are asked about their medical conditions.  After triage, they go to see the doctor who will prescribe them medicine based on what we have.  They then go to the second waiting room while their prescriptions are being filled.  In the second waiting room, we have soul winners who go person to person and witness to them.  This allows the individuals to ask any questions they might have, as well as hear the Gospel one on one.  From there, they collect their prescriptions and their family packages, and they go home.  Their information is collected and given to the local pastor or missionary so they can follow up on these individuals for Baptism and discipleship.  Through these medical outreaches there has so far been 56 villages reached, 4,346 people treated, 493 professions of faith, and 7 churches planted.  God has been using this work greatly for His glory.


            Because of all our delays, we had to modify the trip slightly.  While in this village, a small group of soulwinners took a short trip to another village down the river and went soul winning and street preaching.  While there, local authorities were called on us and we had to show our papers and explain what we were doing.  Thankfully nothing came of the situation and we were allowed to leave.  We then traveled to Tabatinga where we met up with a missionary there, Pastor Hernandez.  We set up a clinic in his church for his people, and then sent some of the team out soul winning and inviting people to the clinic.  Many came and were helped both physically and spiritually. 


 After two days in that town, we packed up our supplies and started our way back to the states.  We were not able to spend as long as we had hoped in the Amazon, but God used the time we were there to see many saved, many spiritually encouraged, and help many sick find healing.  On our way out, we heard the only airport in and out of the Amazon was shutting down again.  To the glory of God we weere able to make it to the Amazon in the tiny window that the airport was open.


I can give story after story of how God had brought people our way so we can share the Gospel with them-from people on our flights in and out of the Amazon to people on our boats while traveling.  Many people trusted in the Lord during our time, and I thank you for your faithfulness and sacrificial giving.  During the month of October, the dates for 2022’s trips will be planned out.  The goal is to have four trips next year, entering into four different countries in the Amazon.  These countries are Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and now Guyana.  We are privileged and excited to see God using these trips for the glory of His namesake.  I have begun to purchase gear and collect items and donations for the upcoming trips so we can have more supplies. The medical trips are expensive, and we are always lacking in supplies.  


On this trip we had:

44 team members

700 people treated

52 professions of faith

3 schools where we preached the Gospel

2 countries, 7 cities where we ministered in

200 New Testaments distributed


There is so much more I can share with you about these trips.  But instead, can I encourage you to watch our videos on our website and even consider taking a trip.  You will be blessed to see how God moves through these trips.  Not only over the people we minster, but also to our team as well. Many people have surrendered to the mission field after seeing the need of these people.  Thank you for all you do for this cause.  I am very thankful for the ministry the Lord allows me to be involved in and I am thankful for each of our supporters. Your prayers, financial support, or donations, these sacrifices will have a never-ending impact for the cause of Christ.  God Bless!


The Butler Family

Missionaries to Brazil

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